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Title :Essays on monetary policy and international financial markets
Creator :Bratis, Theodoros D.
Contributor :Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Business Administration (Degree granting institution)
Type :Text
Extent :434p.
Language :en
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Abstract :This thesis is divided to 4 chapters. Chapter 1 describes the creditor moral hazard during EMU crisis. Chapter 2 discusses the linkages between the transmission of monetary policy and sovereign bond spreads. Chapter 3 discusses the Tobin Taxation over financial transactions. Chapter 4 approaches the systemic risk and financial market contagion under the context of bank and sovereign credit markets.
Subject :Monetary policy
Financial crisis
Date Available :2017-03-28 16:08:28
Date Issued :01/30/2015
Date Submitted :2017-03-28 16:08:28
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File: Bratis_2015.pdf

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