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Title :Technology start-up business plan in tourism sector
Creator :Katrakis, Emmanouil
Kokolakis, Emmanouil
Contributor :Ioannidis, Antonios (Επιβλέπων καθηγητής)
Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Business Administration (Degree granting institution)
Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Marketing and Communication (Degree granting institution)
Type :Text
Extent :177p.
Language :en
Abstract :a. Purpose of this business plan The digital revolution relentlessly promotes the transformation of Retail Enterprises. At the same time, the forerunners of active changes follow the consumer behavior that is in accordance with the digital consumer process which is already being felt in Electronic Commerce. In reshaping the Value Chain of business trade models lie the opportunities and prospects of future E-Commerce.The scope of the present Master’s Thesis is to create -in today’s turbulent business environment, rapid technological, informational and societal progress- a Start-Up and to depict a Techno-Economic preliminary study of such a business proposal. Underneath authors desire to study the field of Entrepreneurship lies a strong willingness and motivation to create a new venture. Therefore, in the first part of this Thesis is developed a method of analyzing important elements of launching a new business in a boosting industry such as the Tourism Sector. In the second part, authors’ idea is presented in detail, while examining if it could be transformed in a profitable business and play a key role in the Online Tourism Sector.b. Main highlights The empirical part of this Thesis focused on how to turn a project idea into a Business Plan. The research part included the examination of activity in the area of Travelers mainly based in Athens and Chania districts, but also in some selected European countries. Interviews were conducted to investigate the existing successful business strategies within this industry while this study also introduced some personal ideas of innovation. As a result, the study helped taking a thorough, careful and comprehensive look at the most important facets of hyper-personalized traveling experience and helped evaluate a new venture called ksenobatis. Moreover, the practical appliance of what is mentioned in chapters 4-7 is attempted via the presentation of a realistic–analytical Business Plan for this Start-Up. The background behind this selection was inspired by the rapid growth of personalized Travel Packages and a broad interest in traveling abroad by the two Co-Founders of ksenobatis, Manolis Katrakis and Manolis Kokolakis.The time window of the study is the period 2015-2016. Due to the fact that technical analyses for the economic impact of a new Start-Up business inside Tourism industry in Greece have not been conducted yet, the study uses estimates from international studies and bibliography. The adaptation scenario, assumes that adequate measures are being taken for financing ksenobatis. In conclusion in order to sustain a Start-Up, the optimal solution lies in effectively combining adaptation measures and financing strategies.c. Financial requirements The requirements of ksenobatis’ technical and physical infrastructure are quite basic. At the beginning, all that is needed is a website ( where users can easily and quickly make their preferences for Hyper-Personalized Travel Plans via interactive questionnaires that will collect the information described above. In addition, costs will arise in the making of the relevant mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms and of course for promotional activities, especially in the first steps of the operation. d. Statement of Purpose,a Start-Up business to be established during 2017, is a tool companythat offers hyper-personalized vacation packages inside the Tourism industry and is located in Athens, Greece.The company is seeking for its first investment in the amount of €49,000for the purpose of establishing its website and also to accomplish its first steps along the bureaucratic procedures for One Stop Shop that are valid in Greek environment.Funding is needed in time for the website and in place by January 9th 2017.Repayment of the loan and interest can begin promptly within 90 days of receipt and can be further secured by real estate, which is owned by the company and which has an assessed valuation of €50,000.ksenobatis’ goal is to grow steadily, becoming profitable by the second year of operations.
Subject :Personalized travel plans
Personal(ized) Travel Planning (PTP)
Business plan
Tourism industry
Date :30-11-2016
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