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601. Convex optimization and applications
Author: Gkila, Stella Varvara C., Γκίλα, Στέλλα Βαρβάρα Χ.
Date: 07/05/2019
602. Cooperation for the Agenda 2030: an analysis of the contribution of Athens University of Economics & Business to Sustainable Development Goals (case study: SDGs 16,17)
Author: Τσαμτσίδου, Σβετλάνα, Tsamtsidou, Svetlana
Date: 07/05/2019
603. Copula approach on loss reserving in non-life insurance
Author: Siachos, Ilias, Σιάχος, Ηλίας
Date: 09/25/2023
604. Core banking system transformation
Author: Qyqia, Sara, Κύκια, Σάρα
Date: 2022
605. Core inflation, γεωγραφικά πληροφοριακά συστήματα, έκθεση εκτίμησης ακινήτων, τεχνική ανάλυση
Author: Γεωργάτσος, Εμμανουήλ Κων.
Date: 10-2006
606. Corporate control and a case study in Greek economy
Author: Παπαδόπουλος, Γιάννης
Date: 12-1999
607. Corporate effective tax rates
Author: Τεβελέκης, Εμμανουήλ
Date: 05-2014
608. Corporate governance during Covid-19
Author: Καρτάκης, Άγγελος, Kartakis, Angelos
Date: 01/17/2022
609. Corporate governance in the Greek market
Author: Angelopoulos, Vasileios, Αγγελόπουλος, Βασίλειος
Date: 2023
610. Corporate innovation frameworks and practices: literature review and a case study analysis
Author: Ioannidou, Aikaterini, Ιωαννίδου, Αικατερίνη
Date: 07-06-2024
611. Corporate Liquidity Risk under principal-agent problems & linkage with the global Financial Crisis of 2007-2009
Author: Κορτέση, Ευμορφία
Date: 07-06-2024
612. Corporate mergers: capital structure and post-merger performance
Author: Georgiou, Ioannis, Γεωργίου, Ιωάννης
Date: 2021
613. Corporate Social Responsibility and skepticism: an investigation of perceived CSR motives and the effect on consumer behavior
Author: Ραχούτη, Ιωάννα, Rachouti, Ioanna
Date: 01-07-2020
614. Corporate Social Responsibility's connection with earnings and cost behavior
Author: Filiou, Anastasia
Date: 11/29/2018
615. Corporate yield spread and macroeconomic indicators
Author: Παντίδου, Παρασκευή
Date: 11-2006
616. Corrado Gini (1884-1965)
Author: Στεριώτης, Πέτρος Ι.
Date: 1966
617. Correlation modelling with application to risk management
Author: Markopoulou, Chrysi E.
Date: 07-2014
618. Cost benefit analysis of a renewable energy investment project: an offshore wind farm project for Greece
Author: Makri, Vasiliki K.
Date: 07-2014
619. Cost efficiency of the greek banking industry
Author: Μεσσήνης, Αντώνιος
Date: 10-2006
620. Cost – benefit analysis for the municipal solid waste management sector in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Author: Karadima, Chyrisoula
Date: 12-01-2015
621. Cost- benefit analysis of an investment project: a hydrogen fuel cell bus project for the city of Athens, Greece
Author: Mitsotaki, Eleana
Date: 12-01-2015
622. Cost-benefit analysis in infrastructure investments: The case of crossrail
Author: Tzallas, Dimitris
Date: 11-01-2016
623. Covariance estimators for generalized estimating equations in longitudinal analysis with small samples
Author: Barazian, Mari
Date: 20-06-2017
624. COVID-19 & λιανεμπόριο: η στρατηγική των επιχειρήσεων πριν και μετά την πανδημία, οι συνέπειες της στον κλάδο και η επόμενη μέρα
Author: Στεφανόπουλος, Θεόδωρος
Date: 03/30/2022
625. COVID-19 crisis and the impact of fiscal expenditures
Author: Korakas, Konstantinos, Κορακάς, Κωνσταντίνος
Date: 02/24/2021
626. Covid-19 impact on shipping firms based on financial ratios
Author: Johansen, Jostein, Lykkjen Seglén, Emil
Date: 31-10-2022
627. Covid-19 response policies and corruption: cross-country evidence
Author: Τριανταφύλλου, Βασίλειος, Triantafyllou, Vasileios
Date: 2021
628. Covid-19 και απομακρυσμένη διοίκηση έργων
Author: Ψυχογυιού, Μαρία-Ιωάννα
Date: 03/16/2022
629. COVID-19 και ψηφιακή προσαρμογή στη ΔΑΔ: τηλεργασία & τηλεκπαίδευση
Author: Λαθύρης, Ιωάννης
Date: 2021
630. Crafting the extra innovation: from job crafting to innovative behavior
Author: Paraskevopoulou, Louiza, Παρασκευοπούλου, Λουίζα
Date: 2017
631. Crawling facebook: a social network analysis
Author: Παπαγεωργίου, Θεόδωρος, Papageorgiou, Theodore
Date: 09-2011
632. Creating a knowledge graph of assertions from research publications using machine learning methods
Author: Νασοπούλου, Σοφία, Nasopoulou, Sofia
Date: 14-12-2023
633. Creating a repository for data crawled from multiple social networks
Author: Christofilos, Konstantinos
Date: 14-12-2023
634. Creation of value and performance effectiveness through mergers and acquisitions in the European banking sector
Author: Chatzidimitri, Panagiota, Χατζηδημήτρη, Παναγιώτα
Date: 12/20/2021
635. Creativity and social compromise in tertiary education: a latent variable model
Author: Οικονόμου, Ελένη Α., Oikonomou. Eleni A.
Date: 12/20/2021
636. Credential revocation with verifiable random functions
Author: Παπαθανασίου, Αθανασία-Μαρία, Papathanasiou, Athanasia-Maria
Date: 30-09-2023
637. Credit limit optimization using Markov decision processes and double deep Q networks
Author: Κατσάμπαλος, Ηλίας, Katsampalos, Ilias
Date: 01/25/2022
638. Credit migration dynamics: evaluating its pivotal role in bond and derivative pricing
Author: Τσούκας, Βασίλειος, Tsoukas, Vasileios
Date: 27-09-2023
639. Credit rating agencies and the 2007 global financial crisis
Author: Γιούργα, Σοφία, Giourga, Sofia
Date: 19-03-2024
640. Credit rating agencies and their role debt crisis in the Euro area : "Guilty beyond reasonable doubt?"
Author: Σκουρτανιώτη, Ηλέκτρα
Date: 02-2012

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