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281. Artificial intelligence & marketing automations in e-commerce
Author: Μασιάλα, Φωτεινή
Date: 10-02-2021
282. Artificial intelligence against financial crime with focus on banking sector, anti-money laundering and compliance with GDPR
Author: Μπάρμπα, Παρασκευή, Barmpa, Paraskevi
Date: 10-02-2021
283. Artificial intelligence and analytics in ERP/WMS systems
Author: Σταμούλης, Χρήστος
Date: 09/07/2021
284. Artificial intelligence and negotiations
Author: Χαραλάμπους, Θεοφάνης, Charalampous, Theofanis
Date: 02-04-2024
285. Artificial intelligence in e-commerce: techniques, applications and Skroutz case study
Author: Δεσπότης, Σπυρίδων, Despotis, Spyridon
Date: 31-01-2024
286. Artificial neural networks in financial time series forecasting
Author: Κουτσουράκης, Αθανάσιος, Koutsourakis, Athanasios K.
Date: 11/29/2020
287. Aspect based sentiment analysis
Author: Vasilakos-Filippakos, Kyriakos
Date: 11/29/2020
288. Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis
Author: Pavlopoulos, Ioannis
Date: 11/29/2020
289. Aspects juridiques de laccord dassociation de la grece au marche commun
Author: Grammatikopoulou, Sophie Elisabeth
Date: 1963
290. Aspects of estimation procedures at eurostat with some emphasis in the over space harmonisation
Author: Tzavidis, Nikolaos T.
Date: 2000
291. Aspects of response surface methodology
Author: Dimelis, Ioannis E.
Date: 1999
292. Aspects sociologiques de la famille romaine
Author: Gaudemet, Jean
Date: 1963
293. Assembly operations models in production systems
Author: Argiropoulou, Aikaterini X.
Date: 2003
294. Assessing efficiency in urban transit systems : with an application to electric bus services in Athens, Greece using data envelopment analysis
Author: Politou, Despina M.
Date: 12-2001
295. Assessing the ECB climate tests: feasibility, structure, and implications for the future
Author: Ζαφειρίου, Δημήτριος, Zafeiriou, Dimitrios
Date: 15-11-2023
296. Assessing the economic impact of Russian war in energy sector
Author: Φασούλας, Γεώργιος, Fasoulas, Georgios
Date: 09-02-2023
297. Assessing the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on financial returns
Author: Μιχοπούλου, Ευαγγελία, Michopoulou, Evangelia
Date: 28-03-2024
298. Assessing the Sensitivity of Meta-analysis to Selection Bias
Author: Giannouli, Aikaterini T.
Date: 2014
299. Assessment of a hidden Markov model for detecting abrupt shifts in time series of telecommunication data
Author: Maragkopoulos, Giorgos, Μαραγκόπουλος, Γεώργιος
Date: 12/14/2021
300. Assessment of school effectiveness using multilevel models
Author: Kosmopoulou, Anna
Date: 1998
301. Asset growth effect in profit and loss firms: evidence from Europe
Author: Psyllou, Marina-Thomais, Ψύλλου, Μαρίνα-Θωμαΐς
Date: 15-11-2022
302. Asset Liability Management: a model for the greek household
Author: Liakos, Konstantinos
Date: 15-11-2022
303. Asset pricing and robust control
Author: Λεβάκος, Σωτήριος
Date: 11-2011
304. Asset protection scheme in Greece: towards a resolution of the NPEs problem
Author: Μητσόπουλος, Ανδρέας, Mitsopoulos, Andreas
Date: 10/14/2021
305. Asymmetric pass-through & competition: the case of Greek islands
Author: Χαμπίδου, Αθανασία, Champidou, Athanasia
Date: 10/14/2021
306. Athens School of Economics and Business Science
Author: Χαμπίδου, Αθανασία, Champidou, Athanasia
Date: 1987
307. Athens University of Economics and Business
Author: Χαμπίδου, Αθανασία, Champidou, Athanasia
Date: 1995
308. Athens University of Economics and Business
Author: Χαμπίδου, Αθανασία, Champidou, Athanasia
Date: 1990
309. Attack detection and digital forensics analysis in mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs)
Author: Δρούγκα, Σοφία, Drougka, Sofia
Date: 15-02-2023
310. Attribute level variety-seeking behavior
Author: Loukopoulou, Apostolia, Λουκοπούλου, Αποστολία
Date: 02-06-2020
311. Aufbau des Schulbetriebes
Author: Loukopoulou, Apostolia, Λουκοπούλου, Αποστολία
Date: [1965]
312. Augmented reality retail apps: try before you buy
Author: Σεϊταρίδου, Ανδρομάχη, Seitaridou, Andromachi
Date: 21-06-2023
313. Authentication in Mobile Sensor Networks
Author: Kanelli, Charis
Date: 02-2014
314. Auto-correlated measurements in statistical quality control
Author: Miska, Maria Christos
Date: 2014
315. Automated ad creative generation : language modeling and natural language generation for ad-texts
Author: Κατσιβέλης-Περάκης, Παναγής
Date: 02-2013
316. Automatic advertising campaign creation and budget optimization
Author: Λιακόπουλος, Κυριάκος
Date: 02-2011
317. Automatic advertising campaign development : keyword and ad creative generation
Author: Θωμαΐδου, Σταματίνα
Date: 02-2011
318. Automatic detection of sections and paragraphs in legal documents
Author: Βλάχος, Χρήστος, Vlachos, Christos
Date: 14-12-2022
319. Automatic event detection incomputational physiology signals usingstatistical process control methods
Author: Pantermakis, Giorgos N., Παντερμάκης, Γιώργος Ν.
Date: 14-12-2022
320. Automatic text correction for chatbots
Author: Παλασσόπουλος, Βασίλειος, Palassopoulos, Vasileios
Date: 08-01-2020

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