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321. Bank credit ratings and financial stability implication
Author: Λυκάκης, Διονύσιος, Lykakis, Dionysios
Date: 28-02-2023
322. Bank credit ratings and macro prudential indications
Author: Λημναίος, Γεώργιος
Date: 28-02-2023
323. Bank credit ratings and macroprudential implications: the case of Moody's
Author: Μπουρλής, Αντώνιος
Date: 15/10/2021
324. Bank credit ratings and macroprudential issues
Author: Fanos, Evangelos
Date: 15/10/2021
325. Bank credit ratings: Moody's methodology
Author: Ζιαζιά, Μαριέττα
Date: 06/28/2018
326. Bank credit ratings: Moody’s approach
Author: Karantzas-Aretakis, Vasileios-Konstantinos, Kαραντζάς-Αρετάκης, Βασίλειος-Κωνσταντίνος
Date: 25-02-2021
327. Bank lending practices and market outcomes in Europe
Author: Γκαβογιαννάκη, Ευδοκία
Date: 06-2012
328. Bank liquidity risk and official sector safety nets: economic rationale and policy response to the crisis
Author: Stathousis, Konstantinos
Date: 06-2012
329. Bank M&As in the U.S. and the EU: shareholder value creation through consolidation
Author: Pyrgiotakis, Emmanouil, G., Πυργιωτάκης, Εμμανουήλ Γ.
Date: 31-03-2018
330. Bank profitability in the Euro area: challenges and policy response
Author: Νικολόπουλος, Χαράλαμπος
Date: 01/31/2022
331. Bank profitability in the euro area: the effects of common supervision
Author: Avgeri, Ioanna, Αυγέρη, Ιωάννα
Date: 04/13/2022
332. Bank resolution tools
Author: Κατσιμίχα, Πηνελόπη
Date: 04/13/2022
333. Bank specific, industry related and macroeconomic determinants of bank profitability in the new EU member states
Author: Κονδύλη, Χρυσούλα
Date: 07-2006
334. Banking activities and sovereign risk
Author: Χατζή, Ενίντα
Date: 01-2007
335. Bankruptcy prediction models
Author: Μπαλογιάννη, Ευθυμία-Ελένη, Balogianni, Efthimia-Eleni
Date: 31-01-2023
336. Banks' accounting policies and monitoring mechanisms: the case of loan loss provisions in the European Union
Author: Βασιλακόπουλος, Κωνσταντίνος, Vasilakopoulos, Konstantinos I.
Date: 01/29/2021
337. Bayesian analysis and model selection for contingency tables using Power Priors
Author: Μαντζούνη, Αικατερίνη, Mantzouni, Katerina
Date: 21-03-2022
338. Bayesian approaches for maximum tolerated dose estimation in Phase I clinical trials
Author: Tsiros, Periklis
Date: 12/21/2018
339. Bayesian autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity models
Author: Vrontos, Ioannis D.
Date: 09-1997
340. Bayesian compressed regression on simulated panel data
Author: Ηλιόπουλος, Νικόλαος, Iliopoulos, Nikolaos
Date: 09/30/2019
341. Bayesian computation and inference using Stan with application in football
Author: Σπυροπούλου, Μαρία Ζαφειρία, Spyropoulou, Maria Zafeiria
Date: 2018
342. Bayesian estimation for the poisson-inverse gaussiam regression model
Author: Pitrakkou, Maria P.
Date: 06-2006
343. Bayesian factor analysis: implementation on schizotypal personality disorder data
Author: Karatza, Aggeliki St.
Date: 06-2006
344. Bayesian inference for some deterministic epidemic models
Author: Δρούγκα, Μάγδα, Drougka, Magda
Date: 09/30/2019
345. Bayesian inference for some predator-prey models
Author: Μπρίγγου, Ελένη, Bringou, Eleni
Date: 09/2019
346. Bayesian inference for stochastic epidemic models in structured populations
Author: Γώγου, Άννα
Date: 03/31/2016
347. Bayesian inference in pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic models using Monte Carlo methods
Author: Γεωργάκης, Γεώργιος, Georgakis, Georgios
Date: 08-04-2020
348. Bayesian Latent Variable Models for Binomial Responses: analysis of Schizotypal and Consumer Behavior Data from a University Study
Author: Oikonomou, Athanasia
Date: 08-04-2020
349. Bayesian latent variable models for ordinal data
Author: Oikonomou, Athanasia
Date: 08-04-2020
350. Bayesian MCMC in operational risk modelling
Author: Dalmara, Aikaterini
Date: 01-2015
351. Bayesian model and variable selection using MCMC: a review
Author: Alexandrou, Evangelia
Date: 07-2003
352. Bayesian model comparison and hypothesis testing for contingency tables using R
Author: Matsavelas, Nikolaos, Ματσαβέλας, Νικόλαος
Date: 12/19/2019
353. Bayesian model determination and nonlinear threshold volatility models
Author: Petralias, Athanassios, Πετραλιάς, Αθανάσιος
Date: 12/19/2019
354. Bayesian modeling and estimation for complex multiparameter problems with real applications
Author: Koki, Constandina, Κοκή, Κωνσταντίνα
Date: 2021
355. Bayesian modelling of high dimensional financial data using latent gaussian models
Author: Αλεξόπουλος, Αγγελής Ν., Alexopoulos, Angelis N.
Date: 2021
356. Bayesian modelling of volleyball data
Author: Palaskas, Vasileios I., Παλάσκας, Βασίλειος Ι.
Date: 06/21/2019
357. Bayesian regression models for mortality data
Author: Alexopoulos, Angelis N., Αλεξόπουλος, Αγγελής Ν.
Date: 06/21/2019
358. Bayesian Statistical Process Control: Predictive Control Charts for continuous distributions in the regular exponential family
Author: Μπουραζάς, Κωνσταντίνος, Bourazas, Konstantinos
Date: 06/21/2019
359. Bayesian Statistical Process Control: Predictive Control Charts for discrete distributions in the regular exponential family
Author: Kiagias, Dimitriοs, Κιαγιάς, Δημήτριος
Date: 06/21/2019
360. Bayesian variable selection and shrinkage using Lasso methods
Author: Katsarps, Michail
Date: 06/21/2019

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