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1. A review of the status of adoption of digital transformation… the critical role of enterprise architectures
Author: Σακκάς, Γεώργιος
Date: 04/12/2022
2. A bayesian approach in determing the optimal sample size for phase I data
Author: Giannopoulou, Efstthia N.
Date: 2006
3. A Bayesian approach to the analysis of infectious disease data using continuous-time stochastic models
Author: Μπαρμπουνάκης, Πέτρος, Barmpounakis, Petros
Date: 19-09-2023
4. A Bayesian Kalman Filter approach in correcting near surface temperature forecasts
Author: Ραφαήλ, Βασιλεία Ν., Raphael, Vasilia N.
Date: 19-09-2023
5. A Bayesian method for constructing networks from binary data with application in schizotypy
Author: Ρόδης, Νικόλαος, Rodis, Nikolaos
Date: 02-07-2020
6. A Bayesian Βridge approach to chemometrics
Author: Vlazakis, Eleftherios
Date: 29-04-2016
7. A behavioural bank run model
Author: Antonopoulos, Dimitrios
Date: 06/11/2018
8. A business application of a regression model for apartment rental ads pricing
Author: Κουκλινός, Αντώνης, Kouklinos, Antonis
Date: 31-03-2020
9. A case study on the violations of The Efficient Market Hypothesis
Author: Χριστογιαννοπούλου, Μαρία-Άννα
Date: 31-03-2020
10. A classification of statistical approaches to experimental carcinogenesis
Author: Limakopoulou, Aristea
Date: 05-2002
11. A combination of machine learning with classical econometric approaches for temporal disaggregation
Author: Βαρελάς, Κωνσταντίνος, Varelas, Konstantinos
Date: 05-2002
12. A comparative analysis of governance structure of US investment banks: the case of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley
Author: Κεχαγιάς, Γεώργιος, Kechagias, Georgios
Date: 20-02-2024
13. A comparative analysis of multivariate value at risk models: evidence from developed and emerging markets
Author: Γιασσιάς, Εμμανουήλ
Date: 10-2006
14. A comparative study of divergence measures used in image segmentation
Author: Seizi, Chrissanthi S.
Date: 10-2005
15. A comparative study of test procedures used in assessing the forecasting ability of linear models with applications on crop yield data
Author: Linardis, Apostolos J.
Date: 1998
16. A comparison of Monte Carlo goodness of fit procedures
Author: Sofianos, Spyridon
Date: 22-06-2016
17. A comprehensive analysis of clinical longitudinal data using linear mixed-effects models: repeaded measurements we collected on HIV positive patients. Competing models were contrasted for their appropriateness on examing the effects of drug treatments to the severity of HIV infection.
Author: Balta, Vassiliki K.
Date: 02-2005
18. A contribution to the Bayesian analysis of discrete choise models
Author: Linardakis, Michalis
Date: 1997
19. A critical assessment of airport demand and management strategies, implications and potential for implementation
Author: Madas, Michael, Μαντάς, Μιχαήλ
Date: 2007
20. A critical assessment of e-food repositioning derived from consumers
Author: Κιριμκίρογλου, Ευφροσύνη, Kirimkiroglou, Eufrosini
Date: 02-07-2023
21. A critical evaluation of the impact of organizational citizenship behavior on innovation and idea generation: a study in the automotive industry in Germany
Author: Βαρτζιώτης, Νικόλ-Ξανθή, Vartziotis, Nicole-Xanthi
Date: 15-01-2024
22. A data enrichment module based on Natural Language Processing techniques for context analysis of web news
Author: Kolokathi, Fotini
Date: 2017
23. A data mining-based framework to identify shoppers’ missions
Author: Griva, Anastasia, Γρίβα, Αναστασία
Date: 02-2014
24. A decentralized implementation on cyber threat intelligence
Author: Alexis, Andreas
Date: 2018
25. A decision support system for RFP / RFQ evaluation based on expected profit and capacity utilization
Author: Αγιομαυρίτης, Ιωάννης Φ.
Date: 11-2005
26. A diagnostic study on long-memory properties of regional rainfall processes
Author: Stavridis, Stelios D.
Date: 2003
27. A distributed entity resolution service with deep learning
Author: Χατζηδημητρίου, Ευάγγελος, Chatzidimitriou, Evangelos
Date: 2019
28. A financial conditions index for Greece and Germany
Author: Podimata, Stella-Maria, Ποδηματά, Στυλιανή-Μαρία
Date: 01/03/2022
29. A guide to the study of Economics: 1986-1987
Author: Podimata, Stella-Maria, Ποδηματά, Στυλιανή-Μαρία
Date: 1986
30. A heuristic algorithm for the fuel delivery problem
Author: Μπούκοσης, Δημήτριος, Boukosis, Dimitrios
Date: 02/19/2019
31. A hidden deterioration in equal pay achievements? the case of employee benefits during the Greek recession
Author: Galanaki, Eleanna
Date: 2020
32. A history of Greek mathematics: from Aristarchus to Diophantus
Author: Heath, Thomas Sir
Date: 1921
33. A history of Greek mathematics: from Thales to Euclid
Author: Heath, Thomas Sir
Date: 1921
34. A hybrid index for Big Hierarchical Graphs
Author: Πανταζάρας, Σωκράτης
Date: 1921
35. A linear mixed effects application to data coming from patients suffering from periodontitis
Author: Bakogeorgou, Maria Th.
Date: 2006
36. A longitudinal data analysis using linear mixed effects models
Author: Karamanlis, Orestis G.
Date: 09-2003
37. A macroeconomic analysis on house prices and returns: an emprical application on house price indexes
Author: Ιορδανίδης, Βασίλειος, Iordanidis, Vasileios
Date: 27-03-2024
38. A meta-analysis of the effects of music on customers of tourism services
Author: Trompeta, Maria-Angeliki, Τρομπέτα, Μαρία-Αγγελική
Date: 27-03-2024
39. A metadata monitoring framework for explainable outlier detection
Author: Γραβιάς, Λουκάς, Gravias, Loukas
Date: 05-12-2020
40. A modelling approach for correlated binary outcomes
Author: Αθανασοπούλου, Ιωάννα, Athanasopoulou, Ioanna
Date: 05-12-2020

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