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Title :The economics of global warming: a critical assessment
Creator :Vlachou, Andriana
Contributor :Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Economics (Issuing body)
Type :Text
Extent :28p.
Language :en
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Bibliographic Citation :Published in: "Rethinking Marxism", Vol.12, no.4, pp. 90-116 (Winter 2000)
Abstract :Global warming is expected to increase global mean temperature by 1.5 to 4.5 degrees C sometime between 2030 to 2100, resulting in changes in the patterns of precipitation, a rise in the sea level, increased natural hazards, and other significat impacts.
Subject :global warming
damage valuations
control costs
policy design
class aspects and conflicts
Date Available :2017-03-08 12:09:45
Date Issued :30/11/2000
Date Submitted :2017-03-08 12:09:45
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