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Title :"When the recipe is more important than the ingredients"; a qualitative comparative analysis of negotiation process using fuzzy logic algorithm
Creator :Zormpa, Maria Eleni
Contributor :Kapoutsis, Ilias (Επιβλέπων καθηγητής)
Papalexandris, Alexandros (Εξεταστής)
Salavou, Helen (Εξεταστής)
Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Business Administration (Degree granting institution)
Type :Text
Notes :MBA part time
Extent :35 σ.
Language :en
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Abstract :This is a comparative qualitative study of the negotiation process using Qualitative Comparative Analysis methods with regards to the negotiation of a job offer and the relevant terms of salary of the perspective of a job applicant. In this study, an online survey was performed using a sample of 50 respondents via Prolific platform ( ) aiming to understand and investigate the causal conditions of location, BATNA, genderpairing, emotional intelligence and time pressure and their possible beneficial combinations that could enhance the outcomes of the negotiation. Three different outcomes where examined which are the likelihood of the negotiation to be successful, the intention of the job applicant to negotiate and the request of the job applicant in terms of salary.
Η παρούσα μελέτη αφορά τη διαδικασία διαπραγματεύσεων με χρήση της μεθόδου QCA από την πλευρά ενός υποψηφίου για μια θέση εργασίας. Σε αυτή τη μελέτη έλαβαν μέρος 50 ερωτώμενοι μέσω της Prolific Platform.
Subject :BATNA
Job search
Στατιστική ανάλυση
Θεωρία διαπραγματεύσεων
Αγορά εργασίας
Date Available :2019-05-07 16:11:21
Date Issued :2019
Date Submitted :2019-05-07 16:11:21
Access Rights :Free access
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